Breeding values

Cooperation CRV publishes the breeding value estimations for bulls in the Netherlands three times a year. The breeding values are estimated in accordance with the Interbull recommendations. Cooperation CRV also follows the Interbull advice on the press publication dates.

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Press publication lists

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Press publication of the Cooperation CRV breeding values takes place on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 6 December 2023, 11.00 AM
  • Wednesday 3 April 2024, 11.00 AM
  • Wednesday 14 August 2024, 11.00 AM
  • Wednesday 4 December 2024, 11.00 AM

Deadline for sending in the data used for Cooperation CRV Breeding Values is:

  • Monday 23 October 2023, 8.00 AM
  • Monday 18 February 2024, 8.00 AM
  • Monday 1 July 2024, 8.00 AM
  • Monday 21 October 2024, 8.00 AM

The cow publication takes place on monday the week after the bull publication.


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